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an island unto myself
i am katie. i am me.
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9th-Jul-2035 03:03 pm - Semi friends only.
skins: graceanim

My journal is now sorta friends only. Most things will still be open (including graphics posts), but stuff that's more about my personal life will be f-locked. Comment to be added here, but I'll most likely add you no matter what. Check out my profile to know if you're 'into what i'm into'. xP Joking, joking. Well, sorta.

7th-May-2011 11:52 pm - New Graphics Comm!
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Please join missmatter, my new graphics community! I'll be posting everything to do with graphics over there from now on! This journal will remain my personal one. :)

6th-Mar-2011 05:55 pm - alo_mini promotional post.
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Just in case

Join alo_mini, a shipping community for the pairing of Aloysius Creevey and Mini 'Minerva' McGuinness on Skins.
15th-Jan-2011 03:49 pm - The King's Speech...
hp: hufflepuff

This film is brilliant.

Honestly. I saw it last night and I haven't been this impressed with a film in a long time. I bet all of you are like "Did you see Black Swan?" Yes, I did. And I really loved it. But not NEARLY as much as I did this one. Both the story, writing, cinematography, direction, editing and acting were absolutely flawless. If it doesn't win at least one of it's Golden Globe nominations I will scream. Loudly. I really encourage you to see it.

Fun fact: I think I was the youngest one in the theatre. There were some college students behind me and my dad, but other than that...nope. :P
31st-Dec-2010 02:40 pm - New Years Resolutions:
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This year I want to:
- Be more honest with people (how Emily Fitch of me)
- Not take everyone's crap and stand up for myself.
- Read more. I miss reading; I've been very lazy in my bookworm-iness in 2010.
- Not procrastinate as much.
- Learn to love myself as I am.
- Go to college in the fall (I got into where I want to go, I'm just nervous something's going to happen, ah!)

There. I think that's all of them. If I remember anymore, I'll post them later.

Happy New Year, everyone! :)
24th-Dec-2010 10:24 pm - Never Let Me Go...
never let me go: tommygif
So I read the book 'Never Let Me Go' ages ago and loved it and I finally got around to watching the movie and all I have to say is:
Oh. My. God.
So amazing. New icon for it and everything. All the performances were stellar. I mean, come on, with a cast like that, how can they not be? Wow. Just wow. I recommend the book highly but if you're not a big reader then I definitely say check out the film as well, because it does not disappoint. However, I will tell you, bring your tissues. I knew what was coming and I still bawled like a baby. Just saying.

18th-Dec-2010 03:16 pm - OMG
dw: half of amy pond

16th-Dec-2010 06:24 pm - Skins Gen. 3
skins: graceanim

You are a hater? Oh. I see how it is. I am excited and I don't give a single fuck. It's SKINS, people. Are you not excited for this awesome show to be back? Because I am.
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